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10 Innovative Products Revolutionizing the Market

10 Different Types of Products (10 Thinks Which are Marketed)

Physical Goods           à   Automobile, chair…

Services                       à    Bank, Hotel, transport…

Experiences                à    Advising, information…        

Events                          à    Musicalconcert, sport…        

Persons                        à    FilmStars, players, Celebrities, Leaders...                    

Places                           à    Kashmir, Tourism places, Pilgrims….

Properties                    à    Land, Building, Shares

Organizations             à     SBI, TATA, Samsung

Information                 à     AajTak, News Paper, Informative website

Ideas                             à     AI, IOT, Future products under experiment


Dr. Sarfaraz Karim

Dr. Sarfaraz Karim is having more than 11 years of experience (Domestic and International) in the academic and research field.

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